A lot of people still do not understand this new revolution Bitcoin has brought to the world of finance and technology
for the first time in history, value van be transferred from one person to another without the need of a Government or third part, that is amazing

Many still see the bitcoin revolution as a fad or scam showing the level of ignorance about this revolutionary technology, that is why i wrote this book , to give everyone a head start, an insight , a clear knowledge of what bitcoin and this revolution is all about

Once Henry Ford said, "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.
in my own words, if people understand the bitcoin technology and how it is disrupting existing financial system, many would dump Government monetary system for this math based system 

I will cut straight to the chase .You need to read this if you want to break free from the existing monetary and financial system , where fees are high, and bank accounts can be frozen; you need to read this book if you truly want to break free from the closed financial system that does not give the people true freedom and privacy. this is the beginning of a new revolution for the people.

In 2017 , I founded the first bitcoin and crypto trading education platform in Nigeria , and today with membership in over 6 nations and website visits from over 20 nations across the world. My singular goal was to educate the world about this new revolutionary system that has the potential to put back financial power into the hands of the people. Before you jump at the book, ask your self the following questions;

  1. Do I truly want financial privacy and freedom ?
  2. Do I want a system where I can control my own money and not get into a situation where the government can ceae my financial assets at any time ?
  3. Am I ready to be a global citizen who can travel anywhere in the world without being limited on how i use my money and where i can use my money without any bank limit or policy affecting me ?
  4. Do I want to experience a currency that does not need to pass through the government before i can spend it ?
  5. Am I ready to know about a currency I can transmit without internet and just with a radio wave ?
  6. Would I have participated in the early days of Amazon ,Google, Facebook, MySpace and Apple?

I guess you are more curious than ever and i also assume most of your answers to this is Yes!

What if i tell you that the bitcoin and crypto industry is one of the next multi trillion dollar industry that is going to disrupt global finance, change the way we do business, and make life better

I know you are ready.


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who wants to learn about this new open financial system and technology



who have called Bitcoin and Crypto a fad, ponzi scheme and scam


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Students of Accounting, Economics ,Finance & Technology, Business Men & Women, Investors, Entrepreneurs ,Potential Investors, Teachers & Students of Cryptocurrency


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The Untold History about Money


What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


What is so special about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.


All the basic education you need about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.


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A little about me - Chris Ani

I am Chris Ani, an insightful teacher, author, startup advisor, entrepreneur, cryptocurrency trader and investor.
I am Founder and CEO, Digital Abundance Ltd.
In 2017, I founded Digital Abundance; a budding consortium who passionately believe the use of internet and emerging technology will drive global economic revolution and social change. Our unique decentralized model enables us to spread digital abundance people within and beyond Africa. 

In the same year 2017, I took off the first service of Digital Abundance named Cryptohub( the first Bitcoin,Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education Platform in Nigeria, with a mission to drive bitcoin and blockchain adoption and help people create wealth through cryptocurrency.

Cryptohub is a world class platform for Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Trading Education . It's a platform where highly skilled tutors train students for success in the blockchain industry. Currently, Cryptohub has given education to over 3000 people and counting (online and offline )with membership presence in 6 countries and unique web visitors from over 20 nations .

In 2018, in order to meet the needs of new traders and newbies in the bitcoin industry in Nigeria, another chain under Digital Abundance was floated called WeGoex with the assistance of my co-founder ,Emmanuel Ititim. As an entrepreneur who believes in open financial systems and easy access for everyone ,wegoex platform seeks to operate in 25 African nations ,even though it currently serves Nigeria,Benin Republic and Ghana. In 2018, through Wegoex- Nigerian Bitcoin Exchange platform ,we have helped over 200 traders and customers exchange digital asset like bitcoin with weekly trading volumes averaging of over $70,000.This peer to peer and Over the Counter Trading platform is simple, fast and secured .

My entrepreneurial journey has ben a life long adventure , I am passionate about education and entrepreneurship as a tool for alleviating poverty and creating economic prosperity in Africa ,hence over the years I have equipped over five thousands people with financial education. 

In 2018, I was awarded as Blockchain Educationist of the year by Entrepreneur Nigeria and also featured on blockaders magazine in January 2019

In 2019 the third service chain of our startup called DABA(Digital Abundance Business Academy) has ben launched 

Digital Abundance: the first online education platform in Nigeria like udemy with a goal to equip one million people in Africa with high income skills to help them start their businesses, create jobs, grow there capacity and gain financial freedom. DABA is also a platform where instructors can launch there courses to make impact and create an income stream.

Through Digital Abundance , I have been able to impact Africa by building solutions, creating jobs and inspiring young talent and entrepreneurs alike.







Chris Ani


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You can't go wrong learning from Chris Ani, the guy is a great soul with massive value to offer.

Chris is the only guy I can recommend for Crypto in Nigeria. He knows his stuff. He is an expert.

CAUITION: Listening to Chris Ani will revolutionise your traditional investment Mindset as he will take you to the cliff of new learnings and oppurtunities and from there show you need possibilities in wealth exchange.


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